The financing division is in charge of analysing each possible project, making a previous diagnosis that determines the financial resources of its own.


Then, depending on the place and on the private and public entities that participate, the possible external sources of financing and their application are studied.


We work with private funding sources in Europe and USA.


The sources of public funding to which projects are submitted are mainly from Europe.


The design and construction of infrastructures requires our human team to become an all-round player, with participation in the prior planning, execution of works, maintenance and operation.


This linking of modules is one of the most important assets of HC7 TSNG; it allows generating synergies in each phase, with an active participation of the civil construction, industrial and facilities sectors, offering solutions with greater added value.


It is worth mentioning the experience gained in the sector of construction and operation of infrastructures in the international scope.


Port infrastructures are strategic for the development of a country.


Their mission and commercial promotion must be integrated into the interests of the general national public service policy; their success will depend on whether that management satisfies the final user of the port.


It must be a planned management towards the satisfaction of the local market, especially the foreign one, the attraction of traffic and international activities, reducing costs for port operators, diversifying services.


The base is in our human team, capable of introducing the most modern methods of global business management, setting goals and standards, and attracting new international investment into the country.

Certified Training

In all the projects we face a key factor is the organisation of the managerial and technical staffs, which will manage the infrastructure once it is finished.


Due to our agreements with Universities and specialised centres of maritime studies in the Canary Islands, we guarantee the excellence of the training in all the areas, besides issuing the international certifications for each student if and only if the student reaches the required scores.


The trained technical staff will carry out real practises in Canarian port terminals and in maritime and terrestrial control stations.

Social Commitmmet

According to the international commitments signed by Spain and Europe, our company HC7 jointly with the planning of a work, studies the possible incidents that may affect the communities of the region.


We analyse from the environmental impact to the use of the existing infrastructures.


We also study the population increase that will occur.


All these reports lead to a book of actions called ‘Identity and Rights of the Affected Communities’, that will guide the steps to be taken to preserve the social and cultural identity of the involved communities.


Up to a 5% of the total budget is aimed to carry out the infrastructure and social works to improve the life of those communities.

Ethical code

The HC7 TSNG Code of Ethics constitutes a Guideline for Conduct for our human team and for the relationships with staff, suppliers and clients as well as the national community in each process.


Its compliance will enhance our reputation and leadership locally and internationally.


It is based on the following points:


· Respect for Human Rights

· Rejection of corruption and bribery

· Security and health at work

· Tax liability

· Environmental protection

· Social responsibility

· Management of social conflicts

· Integrity and corporate exemplarity