Luis Hernández Pérez is an Economist, who has also been the Minister of Economy and Treasury of the Government of the Canary Islands (Spain) and President of the Port of Las Palmas.


During his term in the Government of the Canary Islands it was possible to attract large masses of financial resources to the Canary Islands due to their direct participation in the negotiations that led to the Canaries having a special treatment in the European Union, which is reflected in article 25 of the Act of Accession of Spain. It was later endorsed by the Treaty of Amsterdam, which contains Article 299.2.


As the President of the Port of Las Palmas, in his 7 years in office, he undertook a huge development of its port services infrastructures by expanding external dikes and building innovative container platforms fitted with the latest technology. Also, the Port of Las Palmas was endowed with the most international certifications that have allowed to sign exchange agreements with more than 140 first-order ports.



Francisco Alcázar Leguizamón, is a Telecommunications Engineer who has developed his professional career in multinationals like ATT NCR, SCHNEIDER, NEXTEL, etc.


He has created teams of professionals to promote new business areas, mainly in Telecommunications and New Technologies.


He cultivates the interest for business organisations, conscious of the environment, well-being and wealth.


He is the current President of the Atlantic Business Club and collaborates in the International Rotary Club, Club Financiero Génova (Madrid) and the Fórum de Economía ( Madrid ), among other social and business institutions.


His international achievements have been based on an in-depth analysis of each project, determining the necessary human and technical resources and a previous planned development, simulating each phase to guarantee the objectives.


He deeply believes in the relationships and synergies between the South-Atlantic African nations, which have a great potential in human resources in addition to their natural wealth.


Jose Miguel Pintado JogaLuis Victoriano Santana Ríos is a Civil Engineer, with a specialisation in Hydraulics and Energy.


He began his professional career in the Spanish Public Administration, as responsible for hydrological and territorial planning.


Subsequently, already as the responsible for the development of port infrastructures of national interest in the Canary Islands, he developed his work in the fields of planning, development of technical projects, and supervision and management of works.


He is a member of PIANC (The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure) since more than 15 years.


In 2000 he began his career as an international senior consultant specialised in the maritime and port sectors, by doing studies and undertaking technical projects of ports for different public administrations in Spain and outside Europe, mainly in West-Africa and South-America.