Mercado del Atlantico Sur
Mercado del Atlantico Sur

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Mercado del Atlantico Sur
Mercado del Atlantico Sur

       We encourage the participation of entities in a sustainable economy

Directed by the economist Alberto Amorós Mustafá as financial director. A team of experts analyses each possible project and studies its financial feasibility to guarantee the return of the total financing invested on the project.


Projects considered to be positive yields must have a minimum contribution paid by the holding company equivalent to 15% of the total required funding.


Then, the financial team will select the external sources of capital that would fit to the budget and to the necessary amortisation periods that facilitate an adequate construction and operation.



Composed by reputable professionals with experience in public and private entities.

Its shareholders are composed by the financial, naval and constructing sectors


The economist and Port Engineer José Miguel Pintado Joga as general manager, an experienced engineering team studies the possible project from the taking of initial measures to the evaluation of the construction phases.

It determines the results that are expected in time, including the administrative deadlines for obtaining permits and administrative licenses.

Make the economic study of the execution of the work and the human and technical resources that will be required.

It is also responsible for the incorporation of local staff and the hiring of local companies to which they will be given the necessary technical training.


The economist and port engineer José Miguel Pintado Joga as general manager together with an experienced team designs the human structure and management technique that should exploit the work carried out.

It has the necessary methods and regulations to guarantee the homologation of the facilities in order to ensure that overseas vessels do not have any technical or administrative impediment to approach the new facilities.


In addition, from the start, it has a specific team dedicated to drafting environmental regulations and another team dedicated to contacting communities who should be the first to improve their work and social parameters.

      Please contact with:
       HC7 TSNG ESPAÑA  
      Mr. Francisco Alcazar Leguizamón
      Tel +34 622 079 355


      Kingdom of Spain


      Mr. Ernesto Maria Domingos

      Tel +244 923 419 530


      Angola Republic