Proyect 1


Service terminal
for different ships
in ​​Porto Amboim

After an in-depth commercial and technical maritime study, the need for an internationally certified offshore terminal, together with the ports of the Canary Islands, is concluded, allowing them both to act in Tandem of the world-wide mega-trade of the South Atlantic along the coast of Africa western.

It is intended with private and public funds from E.U. build a terminal 3.5km long and 2.5km in frot of he coast of Porto Amboim in order to provide services of container traffic, bulk and technical assistance and supplies to ships that cross the South Atlantic.

It is intended to locate a reference partner which in turn benefits from the Terminal for its own operations under special conditions and allows expedite the procedures of permits and authorizations.

Subsequently it is proposed to develop a great economic pole of tourism and services from the start of service of the Terminal covering a strategic need for geo economy in the South Atlantic.

For the aforementioned work HC7 TSNG has disbursed and invested 4M € in projects and studies and has another 40M € of partners to immediately disburse the processing of licenses and permits.

Likewise HC7 TSNG will guarantee an U.S. credit. Via Spain of € 430M to cover the entire budget defined.